Monday, June 16, 2008

He's Still Working on Me...

to make me what I oughta be!

I was reminded of this children's song today while I was driving home from the gym. I'm not sure what sparked the thought maybe the fact that my life has changed so much over the past few years. It may go without saying, but I think it's not so much my life that has changed but myself.

I could write you a timeline of the last five years but I think I will spare you the agony. In short, I have gone from being a college student to a career woman living on her own in a new city to a wife and career woman. This all happened pretty quickly and there have been some difficult transitions but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Every role I have taken has implications. (Example: Being married means having to make a decision with heavy regard to another person's perception, which by the way, may not be the same as your own. Things like shopping and decorating your home can become a major decision rather than a personal whim. HaHa!)

I kid! But seriously, life isn't always easy. I guess the easiest way to get through the tough parts is to remember that we are learning as we go. Nobody (no human) has the answer. God does and maybe he's teaching us as we go. Naturally, it can be a bit frustrating but I trust Him. Every new experience changes us and I don't think it's what is happening to us that is difficult but the act of learning from it!

So who am I? I'm not sure who I will be but for now...let's just call me a hippie lovin' country girl! I love my hippie, Mark! And, I'm enjoying the learning curve...LIFE!


  1. That is so weird you thought of that song. I guess God just wanted to remind you you're His unfinished work.
    He's still working on me too! Life sure is an adventure full of compromise. By the way...Dad and I love our hippie loving country girl and our hippie son-in-law. Isn't it strange how well Mark fits in this goofy family!?!


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