Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Girly on You!

Ok. This is random but that shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me.

  1. Did you know that Amarillo was the 'pick city of the day' on the Today Show this morning? That's right and for those of you that don't know, the only reason I care is because I was born and raised in Amarillo. Good people.
  2. I'm on a health kick. I've been eating fresh fruit (thanks Mark, for being the prep man in the kitchen), chicken wraps and home cooked meals. I've also been drinking a ton of water and taking my vitamins. I picked up running again (I tend to abandon it quite a bit). This has been going on for about a week - no big deal - but I feel so much better. I laugh more, have more energy and in general get more done. I'm balanced.
  3. It is SUPER HOT in Austin. We are on a 17 day heat wave and have been setting temperature records here. Today was the first day in June that it was under 100 degrees and it was 99 degrees...BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL! It's Hotttttt!!!!!!
So that's pretty much it. Hope you are all having a good week!


  1. I noticed the pick city too! Dad and I decided to get healthy too. Salads and fruit for dinner and no more donut runs in the morning for Dad. Mark is a "keeper"! He is so sweet for helping with the meals.

  2. running makes me feel better too- it makes me feel like Im accomplishing something for ME!


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