Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mackenzie - 7 months


Today is January 11, 2014 and you are 7 months old today! You are pure joy, my dear. You have the most amazing disposition. You still rarely cry. Hunger and exhaustion are your triggers. I will say that you have no wind-up. You go from "happy as a clam" to furious in seconds with no warning.

You are not feeling well in this picture. :(

There is no way to tell right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if you are more of an introvert like me. I maintain that you have your dad's temperament. But you seem to really need your alone time like your mom.

You are letting us see more of your personality every single day. It's taken you a while to warm up, but when you didn't hold back. You love to smile now and do it frequently. You laugh a lot, too...mostly at Chloe. You started to say blah, blah, blah last week and are quickly moving on to other consonant sounds. You prefer to practice talking alone in your crib. Once you master the sound, you will talk to us. (Now you may understand more of my reasoning for thinking you may be an introvert.)

Chloe hurt her arm...we went to the E.R. for X-rays. They say it's not a break.
We go to her doc tomorrow for a more thorough exam.

 You have started solids...I think I put that in your last post. We are still only feeding you solids once a day. You really don't seem to like them. I prefer more of a baby-led weaning style. So we are going middle-of-the-road with it. I'll do partially what your pediatrician asked of me and partly what you seem to prefer.

You aren't crawling; although, you do scoot backwards. You are really good at pivoting your body and rolling to get what you want. It's so funny! You are sitting up so well now. When you want back down on the ground, you just crash to the floor. You haven't cried yet despite the fact that you've bonked your head on the ground pretty hard doing it. You are a tough nut. But that doesn't surprise me...your sister is, too.

Your dad and I are leaving you with Shorty for the first time as an overnight. We will be in Europe. It's so hard to leave you. Especially since you seem to have your first cold. But, you are in great hands. Shorty was the best mom to me...she'll be a fantastic grandma to you.

I really feel like we finally connected, Mackenzie. I loved you before I met you. But, it has taken me longer to get to know you. I think part of that is your personality. I think more of it is that I have Chloe to take care of, too. It's a side effect of being baby #2 and not having your mom in your face 24/7 because she's distracted by your older sibling.

I love you so much! We all do. You bring so much joy to our lives. Our little family feels so complete with you here.


  1. 7 months have passed in a flash! Relax and enjoy your vacation. I'll have the girls spoiled rotten before you get back. :) #donutsandicecreamforchloe #cuddlesandnosugarformj lol

  2. I can't believe she is 7 months - almost 8 now! I think it's true about the 2nd child - it's totally different when you have a 3 year old to worry about all day. I lvoe that she is into big sister Chloe... Tyler laughs hysterically at Julianna!


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