Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15 month appointment

Chloe had her 15 month appointment today. She received 3 shots and a blood test which involved getting her finger pricked and squeezed. She thought the finger prick was the worst and I agree. They squeezed her finger hard for a long, long, long time. After that, they made her lie down and jammed three needles in her leg. I felt awful. I was able to convince myself before that she forgot as soon as it was over, but now she’s so much more aware. She cried for at least 30 minutes. I’m talking hard, sobbing, wails of pain.
Other than that, her appointment went wonderfully. The doctor was really impressed with her vocabulary. She said she’s very advanced for a 15 month old. Chloe even showed off by telling the Doc what a monkey says and pointing to and naming a dog. I wish I had a picture of the Doc’s face. She said, “I understood that!” when Bug said, “Dog.”
Chloe is 23 pounds, 2 oz. (52%) and 33 inches long (95+%). She has slimmed down a lot now that she’s walking -- make that running everywhere. 

Ok. That’s enough. I’m done bragging.
playing with the bus at the doctor

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