Friday, August 5, 2011

Chloe's Trip to see Shamu

Chloe convinced her dad to take us to San Antonio on Wednesday to see Shamu! It was super hot but we had a blast.
Chloe and I at the entrance to Seaworld
We left around 8:30 to get there at 10a.m. when Seaworld opens. Chloe's first show was the sea lion caper show where she saw seals, a walrus and an otter.

Uncle Max, the walrus, at the sea lion caper show
The only other show we saw was the Shamu show. It was amazing to see Chloe react to all the animals and fish. We weren't sure she was old enough to get much out of the trip but we were wrong. She was fascinated by the whales and dolphins. She watched the entire Shamu show which was about 45 minutes long! I have never see her do anything for that length of time...she has to always be on the move.

Apparently, I have never seen a Killer Whale before...

Chloe waiting for Shamu to make his appearance.

Jaws or Shamu?

We cruised around looking at some more sea critters before we decided to head over to the water park portion of Seaworld. We decided Chloe needed to cool off in the baby pool for a while and then we took a trip around the lazy river (Mark and I needed to rest our feet).

Chloe and I feeding the dolphins.
The dolphin that almost gave Chloe a kiss...seriously.

Shark tank

We left the park around 4:00pm. Chloe never took a nap! I swear everyone's children were asleep in their strollers. Not Chloe. She's too busy to be bothered with napping. ha. She was super tired the next day, though.

Here's a video montage of our adventure. It's about 6 minutes long.

p.s. I know how to spell was a typo and youtube isn't letting me upload the corrected version of the video!!! grrrrrr.


  1. How fun!!!

    Chloe is so cute. Looks like she had a great time.

  2. I'm so jealous! It looks like Chloe loved it (as did you!). What a fun little getaway!

  3. Glad y'all got to go. Looks like everyone had a "sweaty" good time. lol

  4. Good pictures of family and friendly water entertainment. Chloe is taking it all in and happy to be there. She is way ahead of her attention span. She is so cute. I am anxious to see the next pictures. This brings back great memories with family time.

  5. I relived the excitement when my bunch went to the water show. I loved hearing Chloe and reaching out to the show to maybe touch a dolphin. Kim and Mark that was a great time to spend together and bring joy to your little mermaid.

  6. You can hear Chloe in the video. Sounds like she was really into the big fish. Oooo!

  7. I am loving this video! I love how Chloe points to everything - Julianna is doing that now too - She points to the birds in the sky - too cute! I still can't get over how much Chloe reminds me of Julianna with those cheeks! Puts a smile on my face!! :)

    We have been thinking lately too that J is too young to appreciate some things but - wow we were so wrong! SHe takes in everything now! I think they really absorb this stuff in like a sponge - even if they don't totally understand what most of it is!


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