Friday, February 25, 2011

Where have I been?

Busy. I have a lot going on. Chloe does, too. She's now crawling full force and she pulls up on everything. Yesterday I caught her trying to crawl up the stairs (baby gate is going up) and trying to stand without support.

What else is going on? We spent some time in Houston with Shorty and Pop. I don't have any pictures but my mom does. Edited to add pictures from my mom! AND...I need to get better about taking pictures of Shorty with Chloe. Shorty, you escaped this time you won't be so lucky.

Feed ME.

Crawling through her tunnel.

Relaxing with Pop.

Chloe, who did your hair? 

We're getting things in order to replace the windows in our house and paint the exterior (possibly replacing siding). We just paid to have a new water heater installed since the bottom rusted out of ours. And, tomorrow we are having four oak trees trimmed and treated to prevent Oak Wilt.

On top of this, I work 20 hours a week from home.

Add on to my plate, the fact that we joined a gym. I was troubled (understatement) to find out that my BMI (Body Mass Index) is 32% fat. Are you kidding me?!? That's 1% away from being considered obese! I now fall into the overweight category. I am on a mission to lose 9% body fat. That's 20 pounds, friends. So in a desperate attempt to curb this issue, I have been busy planning our meals. I sit down every week and plan healthy dinners for our family. That takes a lot of work. The foods that appeal to me are buttery, starchy, fatty and DELICIOUS.

So far, all this planning has paid off...I'm down to 148 from 156. Now to build some muscle and burn some more fat.  And, I have to brag on my husband for a moment: the man has lost about 25 pounds! He starting working out months ago. He gets up every day at 5 a.m. and heads to the gym. Guess he wants to get a head start on keeping the boys away from Chloe.

In all this mess something had to give, blogging was it. So maybe, I'll incorporate my new mission into my blog by posting some of my favorite healthy recipes and such.

Chloe will be 9 months old in three days....I promise to post the usual summary along with photos.


  1. I have missed your blog. I was worried that someone was ill. Glad to hear all is well and just real busy. I am anxious to see how much Chloe has changed over time. Tori and Devonn came by for me to see the little jewels at play. They put on a good show. It was fun to watch. I hope Chloe will be ready to put on a show for this special day for all to see.

  2. Busy is right!! You and Mark keep up the good work on the exercise. You give me inspiration. Maybe I can lose an ounce or two. :/ BTW--I uploaded the photos on shutterfly.

  3. I adore Chloes pictures. She finds new places to escape to. She has a good time and is happy to show how cute she is and active.

  4. i'm in the same boat as you, maybe worse. i actually am less fit than i was immediately afer having abby. i did way too much snacking this winter... well too much eating in general. lol.


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