Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Slams Central Texas?

Really? That was the headline on the KXAN (local news station) this morning. Let me show you what they mean by 'slams.'

Looking down our street from our front porch.

Our car.
I think the news was being a bit dramatic...who am I to judge? I'm pretty dramatic myself. However, even coming from Amarillo (where snow is not rare and blizzard is not unheard of) I would hardly call this being 'slammed by snow.' I guess it's just a classic example of 'Where you stand depends on where you sit.'

I will say this: I am STOKED that Chloe gets to see snow! It's something I thought she might never experience (at least in childhood). I know she won't remember it but she'll have pictures!

looking concerned...I would be too if I had socks on my hands.

She can hardly move with all the layers I put on her.

contemplating getting out of here

time to go inside


  1. I'M SOOOOO JEALOUS!! (notice all the caps? I mean business!) Explain to me why you get snow in Austin & I can't get anything in Amarillo? I'm so glad Chloe got to play in it - even with socks on her hands! :) Hope y'all are trying to stay warm!

  2. "Slammed" is right! lol
    Josh will certainly appreciate his niece having socks on her hands. :)
    Chloe's probably thinking "What the heck...this isn't the same stuff I sat in for my indoor snow photo". It looks like she really enjoyed herself.

  3. I was heading for the telephone to check on you. Glad Chloe got to see and wonder what is this stuff that makes my nose and head feel strange. She seems content to just be amazed at the white ground and needing pictures of it. She looks so cute all bundled up for a short time. Pepper will be glad to get some warm hugging.

  4. Yeah, I would not call that "Slammed" lol. The foot of snow we got last week - that is slammed hahaaha. But even so - you guys got to enjoy it a little and then it's gone. That's perfect! Nice pictures.I love Chloe's big cheeks sticking out of her hood! :) Tee-hee!

  5. Love the socks on the hands!!! Where did you get the cupcake jacket?! Kylie's nickname is cupcake!

  6. @Alicia, we got the jacket at Children's They have lots of cupcake stuff!

  7. Thanks, time for me to do some shopping!


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