Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nap Time

Chloe had a rough day. She just wanted to cuddle ALL day! So the only
way I could get her to take a nap was to lay down with her in our
(mark and I) bed. This is after I got up. She's so sweet!
She's now sleeping in her crib while I get some much needed housework


  1. Kim,Chloe is precious. She is enjoying her nap. I like her pretty attire. She will be good at playing the piano with her nice long fingers or basketball. Hope you got your work done for today.

  2. There is just nothing cuter than a sleeping baby!
    Enjoy all that cuddle time!! They get big fast and don't want to cuddle with you anymore! Although I know it's hard to focus on cuddling when you have a mile long to do list in your head!

  3. Bless her heart, she's worn out! Enjoy when she wants to cuddle now, it won't last long! Love ya!

  4. She is precious! Can you e-mail me your mailing address please? I crocheted a blanket for her. We were in Houston for two weeks and I planned to take the blanket to your mom and never got it done. Gay

  5. Enjoy the cuddle time. Like Sarah and Tori both said it won't last. When Chloe get more mobile she won't want to be slowed down by cuddling. Nap time together is gooood!


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