Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 4

My dogs. I know it's silly. They are only dogs but they are very special to me.

Pepper was gift from an ex. I was able to keep her after we broke up. She helped me overcome that break-up and a few bad dating experiences before I found Mark, who she immediately fell in love with. You can tell a lot by the way your dog reacts to a person. She was also there when my best friend moved away our senior year of college. She's seen me through about six moves and has been a trooper. She was an apartment dog when she needed to be and loves her new backyard (now that we own a home). I never thought I could be so attached to an animal.

Clyde was purchased by me for Mark. Mark fell in love with Clyde when he accompanied me to PetSmart to get the Pepper food. Clyde had to stay with me until Mark moved out of his parents house and into his friends' house. Therefore, I had the pleasure of housebreaking the wonder mutt. Clyde has a unique way of entertaining us. He is very intelligent but I swear he pretends that he doesn't have clue what is going on. It's funny to watch his act. He also has the most amazing Frisbee skills. He can jump incredibly high and makes the cutest squeaking noise when you don't throw the Frisbee fast enough. I'm not sure what we would do without Clyde. He's a sweetheart.

I'm thankful that both of these fleabags nuzzled their way into our lives. (P.S. If you want a hilarious account of what it's like to love your animal read Marley & Me. The movie comes out on Christmas Eve or Day...can't remember...but the book is laugh out loud hilarious.)

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  1. Puppies are always something to be thankful for. They are a very important part of the family. Pepper and Clyde are exactly what you and Mark need. They each have a little of your personalities in them.


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