Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life in the ATX

So Mark and I make our home in Austin, TX...that much you know. I have to say that it was a bit strange to move to another city after spending most of my life in Amarillo (and Lubbock, which is the twin city). Life in Austin has been an adjustment but a GREAT one!

Why do I love life in Austin so much?

Plenty of reasons: Life in a major city with a hometown feel. Friendly, open-minded people. Beautiful scenery. Great history. Amazing art. Awesome music. With plenty to do...

Here are some of the things that Mark and I could have done this weekend:

  • Lone Star Music Festival - This is the first year for this event. Various Texas Country musicians came to Austin for a fun-filled weekend of Texas tunes.
  • Float the river - cool river, Texas hill country, tire tube, bathing suit, six pack and your friends...nuff said!
  • Go to the lake - Nothing beats heading out to Lake Travis on a beautiful spring day.
  • Camping - there are so many amazing places to camp here. I love setting up the tent, cooking on a campfire and hanging out with my husband and our dogs. Life doesn't get simpler or the way, if you haven't seen 'Into the Wild' go rent it.
  • Eeyore's Birthday - I'm not going to get to far in depth on this one since I have missed it two years in a row but I think I might try next year. Maypoles, donkey's, music and hippies! Oh, it could be interesting and I would love to bring my camera!
  • Barton Springs - taking the dogs to the natural spring for a game of fetch is pretty fun plus there is a disc golf course at the same park.
As I mentioned, Mark and I could have chosen to do any of the above this weekend. Having this much to do in one weekend is the norm around here so the only problem with living here is that you have to pick ONE and that's pretty hard to do.

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  1. It all sounds fun!
    I'm so glad my little "hippie" girl loves ATX.


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