Monday, April 14, 2008

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

The past weekend was certainly fun. As I mentioned in the last post, we had a house guest.

Ryan, better known as 'Meat', stayed at our house for the Lax games. Saturday, after the game, we had Stuart, Rud and Meat over for a cookout. Mark made some delicious food: brisket, potatoes, corn and pork medalions. Here is a shot of the guys showcasing their masculinity on our back patio.

On Friday, Mark and I took the dogs to the park by our home for a romp in the pond. They had a blast! Clyde, the black dog, would run through the water, flop on the ground to roll around in the mud and then make a mad dash to smear mud and grass all over Mark. At one point, he set his sights on me and took a flying leap through the air to smear mud on my shirt. He was certainly trying his hardest to get everyone dirty. Pepper, of course, was busy looking for sticks to fetch.

On this note, I feel compelled to share that today was Mark's last day of coaching. I am excited because this may give us a chance to go backpacking or camping before it gets too hot in the hill country. Camping means more pictures and stories for the blog!

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  1. Rud looks like he got a haircut and of course Pepper is trying to "hog" the photo. Glad you enjoyed your houseguest and weekend.


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