Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween Picture

I guess before Thanksgiving gets here, I should share this picture of miss C dressed up for Halloween. She was a bumblebee. Of course, she insisted that it was actually a princess bee costume. Anything with a skirt is a princess. So adorable.

We had a block party this year for Halloween. Chloe got a lot of candy, but only went to one door to say "Trick or Trick." The funny part was that I was planning on making her a pirate for Halloween so I had been working on getter her to say "Trick arrrrrrh Treat" in a pirate voice. Well, that's exactly what she did. So I actually had a little princess pirate bee. ha


  1. Awww. Love her costume- look how big she's getting! Wow!! Princess bee- haha! Julianna was going to be a NY Giants cheerleader but halloween got canceled due to the hurricane... so i guess maybe next year.

  2. Miss Busy Bee is adorable. She can always believe any thing she prefers to be. Wish I could get to see her more often. Thank you Kim for getting her dressed so cute. I am proud of you and the sweet Mother you are. Chloe brings joy to any one who sees her.

  3. That's too cute, her saying her pirate trick or treat. Glad she had a good time.


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