Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 1.3 (almost)

I had something else planned for the blog today but when Chloe put a headband on with her tie-dyed shirt, I just had to show off my little hippie. Hope everyone is having a good day. We are potty training today. Chloe went first thing this morning, but she just had an accident. Bonus points though because she asked for the potty as she was having her accident. She gets it. She's just stubborn. Wonder where she gets that?


  1. Chloe is a good looking "hippy". I really like her special attire. She is not the only one to have a helper on the potty. DV trained her little sister and read her lots of stories while they enjoyed the books she read. Being stubborn can be a good thing sometime. I enjoy every thing you send and look forward to seeing even more.

  2. I had to catch up on all your posts! I haven't been on here in forever! :) She's such a cute little hippy! She's a girl after my own heart with her digging into that corn on the cob- it's my fave!

    I was glad to see the post about the califlower pizza after you had told me about it! You think I could fool Chris into eating it?!

    1. Yeah, you need to blog again! :) I bet you could get Chris to eat it. It's pretty good; although, I still prefer Dominos new recipe pizza to this.

  3. I know where she gets her stubberness and she also gets her sense of style from the same person too. :)

  4. Love her headband and tie dyed shirt! Asking for the potty while having an accident totally counts, I think that is a good sign of progress!

  5. Good for her on the potty training!! Cupcake has NO interest in it! I'm hoping she will before the new baby comes!


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