Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get with It!

I seriously need to sit down and blog. I find myself pretty pressed for time these days.

Chloe and I have been hitting the gym really hard the past few weeks. In the morning, we wake up and eat breakfast. Then we rush out the door to go to spin, Zumba or kickboxing. I spend an hour playing those 'games' while Chloe plays in the nursery. Then I spend 30 minutes lifting. As soon as gym time is over, we head home and spend 30-60 minutes in the yard. I usually mow, weed or pick up after the dogs. Then it's lunch and nap (I get cleaned up while Chloe naps).

This week has been particularly busy because Mark's cousins are coming to stay with us for 7 days! That means I've been frantically trying to tie up loose ends on our bathroom projects and clean the entire downstairs area's grout (on hands and knees with bleach!)

Finally, the company I work for is participating in SXSW (South by Southwest) and even though I haven't been doing a whole lot for that project I have had a few things here and there to get done for it.

See. Busy, busy, busy. And I didn't even mention the baby shower we threw last Sunday for my friend Katie. I'll post pictures later.

The two pictures included in this post are of a power washing project that I helped plan for Loku and our bathroom project. We are putting up beadboard in our powder bath.

Please excuse any errors in the post. I know they are always there but I'm typing from my phone so they could be worse this time.

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  1. Kim,you sure are a busy person. I don't see how you get so much done every day. Hope you enjoy the company for a week. Chloe will entertain them so you can do the cooking. Does this finish your home makeover? I love you and hope life is happiness full of joy.


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