Monday, January 16, 2012

The More the Merrier...

Chloe had a play date with Rocco and Kennedy. Chaos ensued...

kennedy and chloe think they can fit in the tube together.

what a trooper...surrounded by women all day.

they love playing in this tube...a present from my brother's girlfriend!

I realize some of the pics are a little blurry. My new lens doesn't have autofocus capability on my camera body. At least it forces me to practice my manual focus, a very useful skill.


  1. Chloe sees so much joy and fun in all she does. The tunnel from Josh was fun to watch her at Christmas. Her friends are having a good time too. She finds lots of fun things to play with . I like her clothes and fancy hairdo

  2. I love that tube thingie - I might have to get one of those for Julianna! Looks like it's alot of fun for the kids! :)

  3. @Skye, The tube came with a tent, too. It's totally worth the $20 it cost. Chloe is always asking for the 'tent.'

  4. I love the "snow" pics! :) Landry has a tent/tube thing and both the kids LOVE it! They could chase each other all day through it if I'd let them!

    1. Yeah, the only drawback is the amount of space it takes least it's easy to put away?


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