Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby G's Modeling Debut

This was close to one of the most exciting things Mark and I have ever done! We got to watch Baby G move around all over the screen before he/she fell asleep. At that point, the nurse started pushing/punching on my stomach (didn't and telling Baby G to "move more." She wanted us to have some more entertainment.

Here are the photos. I think you can see a lot more detail than I thought.

Pic 1: Side view (look at that nose and belly that matches Mark's!)

Pic 2: Can you see the hand and foot in this one?

Pic 3: Still the side view.

Pic 4: This is a shot of his/her legs (there are two!) It's almost like an areial shot if the baby was sitting on the floor with his/her legs straight out. (They look pretty long to me, mom!)

Pic 5: It's time for your closeup!

Pic 6: Is the bottom of his/her feet.

We are so excited! We will know if Baby G is a he or a she in about 8 weeks. I cannot wait to find out. Mark won't even discuss baby names until we know and I'm ready to have a name. Can 8 weeks come sooner?


  1. I like the first pictures. The nose looks like you Kim. The next few months will go so fast that you will wonder where the time went. Thanks for the call to night.Enjoy the cake frosting you are nibbling on. You will find many things to snack on. Love you

  2. That is to cool! why you always picking on Mark?


  3. Those are soooo cute!!! They are much better than the sonograms I had; much clearer.

    He/She definately has your long legs...going to be another tall family member.

    8 weeks will be here before you know it.

    Love you, MOM

  4. so exciting! Cant wait to hear about the sex!

  5. What a beautiful moment seeing the little being that is hanging out inside of you! It just gets more and more from here!

  6. Amazing! Hip-hip-hooray!!!


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