Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New York State of Mind

Thursday is the Big Apple day! Mark and I leave Austin at 7 a.m. for NYC. This will be our last vacation as a childless couple. We still plan to travel once we have our little one, but we know finances and circumstances will change the types of trips that we are able to take. In other words, we plan to live it up starting Thursday.

I usually like to wing it on these trips, but New York has WAY TOO MUCH to offer for us to rely on our spontaneity. Today I bought our tickets for the Broadway show we plan to see. Lion King is supposed to be great and I got a pretty stinking good corporate discount. I guess corporate America does have it's benefits. We are going to be going to Broadway on Sunday night (our last night in NYC). Here's some info: We paid more for our Broadway tickets than our Billy Joel/Elton John tickets. (Blows my mind but I'm a sucker for a musical, huh mom?)

I also bought a New York City Pass. It's a lot like to Chicago Go Card that we bought last year for our 1st year anniversary trip. I highly recommend these things if you are going to any major metropolitan area. It gets us into all the stuff we want to do for one low price. In this case: Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty tour, Empire State Building observation deck, Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, Museum of the City of New York, Skyline cruise and a lot of other museums and tours. We WILL NOT have time to see it all but we can go to as many as we have time for in 3 days. It really pays for itself.

It's supposed to be in the 40's and rainy while we are there, but we won't let that slow us down. I'll be sure and post pictures when we get back (assuming my camera doesn't get jacked in Harlem...jk).

Enjoy your week!

P.S. Shout out to the little Bro! He just bought his first house (here in Austin) and I'll be excited to help him decorate and do some yard work (if Mom leaves any for me to help with) when I get back. ;)


  1. You go girl! Your agenda is great. Hope Mark can keep up with you. An anniversary card should be there before you leave. Have a good time and keep a diary(I always did so to remember what we saw and the blunders we laughed about when we got home) I LOVE YOU

  2. It sounds like a great trip! I can't wait to see pictures! I've seen bits of the Lion King on tv before and it looks AWESOME! Hope y'all have a great time! Love you!

  3. Y'all are going to have a wonderful time. Don't "pack" too much in and come back tired. You know Mark needs his rest. lol

    Musicals are great especially if they include "silver buckle slippers and tight shiney pants.. boom boom...so you can sing and dance. :D

    There will still be plenty of things to do at Joshua's. He would much rather have you help him than me. He doesn't want his house to look like an old person's house. ;)

    Be safe.


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