Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Didn't Start the Fire

Mark and I traveled to San Antonio on Saturday to watch the Billy Joel/Elton John concert. Mark had purchased the tickets back in December even though we had agreed not to have Christmas/Birthday gifts for each other. What can I say? I quickly forgave him his transgression.

Although the concert was fabulous, I do have to say that San Antonio is now last on my list of Texas cities in which I would live if forced to move from Austin. We experience the WORST customer service of our lives in nearly every restaurant, hotel and place of business we visited on our mini vacation. I'll spare you the details.

The concert began with Billy Joel and Elton John playing a few songs together. It was pretty funny when Billy Joel came onto the stage because they started playing Yankee Doodle and when Elton came on stage they played some (forgive me if I don't know the song...I'm sure it's something very important in England) British march.

After they played together, Billy Joel left the stage so Elton John could play. Let me say that I was really impressed with how well Elton John can rock the the stage. I know he's a bad ass but he does play the piano. However, his show was filled with amazing guitar solos!

Billy Joel was my favorite by a smidgen. I didn't know that he was a comedian! He is a little dirty with his jokes but they are sooooo funny! His back was to us when he first started playing so he points at our side of the audience and says, 'You guys are getting screwed. No, but you are getting a lot of head!' Then he rubbed his bald head. The audience died laughing. That wasn't the end of his jokes but you really had to be there.

Forgive the quality of this video it was taken with my camera but this gives a small taste. The song is 'River of Dreams,' which holds special meaning for my family. My mom used to sing this song with us when we were little and it was so fun to sing together in the car! Please notice that in the middle of the song, Billy Joel stops the song and starts playing, 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' to which the audience sings along. He then finished up 'River of Dreams.'

Thanks Mark, for taking me!


  1. WOW!!! I can only imagine how it sounded in person. You and Mark are very lucky to have seen 2 such extraordinary performers. I'm envious! btw...I sang along with the video too. :D We did have some good sing-a-longs when you and Josh were younger. Good times!

  2. I bet that was an AMAZING show! I'm also a little jealous!

  3. that's awesome Kim!!! can't wait to see Elton John soon i hope :)man i wish i would have known you were going, i would have given you some killer restaurants and bars, sinc my sis moved there over a year ago, we've gotten to explore a little bit aroun there!


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