Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost: Wedding Ring

Ooops! You may remember that Mark lost his wedding ring once this summer. He found it a few days later in Katie and Chris' backyard by using a metal detector.

I am not happy to report that it has happened, again. We think it fell off when he was taking the trash out on Sunday night. We were never able to recover it. So, I guess I will be making a jewelry purchase in the next few weeks. He will probably have to settle for sterling silver this time b/c I'm not spending much money. He'll have to wait 24 more years for our 25th wedding anniversary.

Did I mention that I love my husband?!? Seriously, he was sooo cute when he realized he lost it.


  1. So sorry to hear about the ring; my suggestion is to buy an inexpensive ring.

    As you have been told your Dad lost his (expensive and engraved)ring after we had been married about a year. We replaced it with a cheap $79 ring and he has never lost it. Had I known, I would have bought the cheap one in the first place. :)

    Love you both.

  2. Love the new blog.... hate that he lost his ring again. At least you didnt lose yours?

  3. Mark, Mark, Mark! What are you going to do with him? Maybe he should just get a tatoo of a ring on his finger...that way you won't ever have this problem again!


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