Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fabulous Five

So, Dez has tagged me to do this fabulous five post. It sounds like fun so I guess I'll oblige her. Thanks for the award, Dez. If I understand correctly, I have to post five things that I'm fabulously addicted to? (I'm probably screwing this whole thing up.) Then, I have to tag five people to do the same; although, I don't think I know five people with blogs.

Here goes:

  1. My Mark. He drives me crazy but I love him. I could probably live without him but it wouldn't be much fun. I have to say I'm fabulously addicted!
  2. Camping. I was born to camp. I don't think I can even remember my first camping trip; I was really young. I love it and poor Mark was suckered into it, thanks to me! WE are fabulously addicted!
  3. Diet Coke. I seriously need to stop. I'll thank Mrs. Ridgeway, formerly known as Kayla Cullers, for that addiction. I am fabulously addicted!
  4. Reading. I go in spurts but when I start, I just can't stop. At least I can argue that it's good for me. I am fabulously addicted!
  5. Popcorn. I'm not really sure where this one came from but lately I have to pop some good ole popcorn around 8 every night. I can't say that this is as good for me as the books and I'm pretty sure it's starting to show on my waistline. Oh well. I'm fabulously addicted...
As you can tell, I'm person of real substance...I wish I had more interesting addictions.

I think I have to tag:
  • My mom
  • My dad (you seriously need to put up another post)
  • Melissa Ferro (I know you have a professional blog. Maybe you can post your five favorite photos that you've ever taken...that's an interesting twist)
  • Rachel Bull (I'm not sure if you even read my blog, but I read yours...)
  • You, if not named above. If you read my blog and have your own, do this post and let me know about your blog so I can read it! PLEASE.
Thank you and goodnight.


Thanks for reading!