Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fixer Upper

I am married to one!

Not that Mark needs to be fixed but he he's certainly fixing up our home...which (in my book) makes him the 'fixer upper!'

Labor Day weekend was spent doing several projects.
  1. Installing hallway lighting. - The previous lighting looked like submarine windows.
  2. Installing a new kitchen light. - It's so nice to have the ugly, yellowed lighting out of the kitchen. Not it's bright and beautiful.
  3. Installing a microwave above the stove. - My parents came into town to help with this project (thanks mom and dad!).
  4. Fixing the toilet in the master bath. - Again, with help from my dad, Mark and I now have a functioning toilet in our bathroom!
  5. Installing new plumbing in our master bathtub. - We can officially shower in the tub that we tiled nearly 6 months ago. (shout out to the parental units!)
  6. Installing new hardware in the master bathroom sink. - I am happy to say that water now longer shoots out on the front of my pants when I try to wash my hands or brush my teeth. (ditto to the last shout out.)
I'll try to post pictures later so check back. Mark and I need another weekend to rest from all of that work but we are happy to have it done!

We also spent Saturday at Katie and Chris' baby shower. We are excited for baby Cohen to get here...only a few more weeks!

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  1. Mark did a great job on the lighting. Your house looks fantastic. Dad and I were glad to be there for moral support. Love You.


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